100% Tyrolean Design


From the first flash of inspiration to the finishing touch, the entire creative journey takes place in the Tyrol region.

It mostly starts out with a walk through the alpine landscape or with a fascinating story about an impressive example of the local wildlife.

After playing around with ideas and numerous sketches, drafts and creative experiments, the new design begins to take shape. Kontaktil’s animal family includes both famous Tyrolean species

as well as real survival artist whose amazing abilities are too often unknown. The carefully selected materials and the fair supply chain ensure sustainable and socially responsible products.


Born with an enormous passion for Tyrol’s fauna, Viola Hofer draws inspiration and creative energy from the region’s rich biodiversity. After studying design at the universities of Salzburg and Sydney, her original approach to shapes and textiles led to her founding Kontaktil.

Inspired by the wonders of nature, her designs tell the stories of real heroes who never fail to make us smile by inevitably reminding us of our human idols. After all, the impressive character traits of the wildlife models bear an uncanny resemblance to great people in and outside the Tyrol.


Every new product starts with an encounter, a reference, a story, whose creative potential is put on paper as a first draft. Paying meticulous attention to detail and applying constant fine-tuning, the initial idea is translated into a real design. Once all the lines have been defined, it’s all about finding the perfect surface to show it to the world.

For this matter, the artist takes great delight in experimenting with different materials, techniques and colours, indicating great enthusiasm for everything related to fabrics. It’s not until the result meets Viola Hofer’s high artistic standard that Kontaktil can welcome its latest addition to the animal family.


One of Kontaktil’s keys to success lies in the natural materials. The special properties of the carefully selected fabrics and the high-quality standards in the use and processing of materials are essential to the brand’s unique charm. Felt products made with

wool fibres of the Tyrolean mountain sheep are durable, water and dirt-repellent, warming and comfortable to wear. Only the right combination of design and material can make sure that the sweet little creatures from the Tyrol keep the magic going.